Monday, October 25, 2010

Luxury in Luxor

In the Palace Drawing Room
I have officially come to the point in this adventure where I have no interest in seeing one...more...temple! Good thing I am staying in a palace :) So after exploring the west bank yesterday, I spent the afternoon chilling out by the pool, and the evening writing in my room. I got a lot done, but still have many, many things I need to get straight in my own mind before I can finish the book.

This morning I plan to spend some time in the palace drawing room, thinking through some of these points and hopefully resolving some of them. After that, I catch a plane back to Cairo.

Aside from a quick visit to Heliopolis (a fascinating, 19th century Cairo creation near the airport) and some souvenir shopping, I'm done. I'm tired, homesick and happy and the trip back to San Diego is looking impossibly long.

Some Relaxation on Palace Grounds


  1. Are you stopping back in Greece? I got the post card, thanks! That was so cool to get an IT post card from around the world :) Safe travels.

  2. No, no more Greece. Just a day in Cairo, a quick visit to the airports of Frankfurt and San Francisco and then home! Glad the mail went through...