Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's all Greek to me!

Guess where I am!  Not Jersey!

I'm choosing not to believe in bad omens because my trip across the pond pretty much sucked.  Airport security lines all the way across the street.  Scanners shut down.  Flight delays with people declaring loudly and dramatically that they are NEVER flying Continental again.  Rough air.  Motion sickness.  You get the point.

It was ALL worth it when we flew over the Greek Islands.  Blue sky, blue water, puffy white clouds, sunshine, light breeze from the north and a 100% chance of Kris having a dumb grin on her face.  Since I couldn't sleep on the plane, my mission is now to stay awake as long as possible and get in the groove of the time zone here.  So I had to go sightseeing.  DARN!  First I hit an adorable little cafe adjacent to my adorable little hotel room on an adorable little pedestrian street for some awesome, and desperately needed, lunch.  Then I hit the Acropolis.

Mom sent me a frantic e-mail saying there was a story in the news about riots in Greece and the Parthenon was closed.  I didn't see any riots (and couldn't find the news story) but the Parthenon was definitely not closed.  Indeed, it was free!  I just walked right in, along with a ton of other tourists.  Also went by the Agora.  No pics right now due to technical difficulties (I didn't bring my cable to download them off my camera).

Actually, I'm sort of lost.  After the Acropolis and the Agora, I just started wandering the streets.  There are touristy little shops and booths everywhere, it's fun for window shopping.  My "wedding ring" didn't even wait until I got to Egypt to turn my finger green, so I bought another.  It's sterling silver and the woman in the shop said the symbols on it symbolize long life.  She also told me, "with that gorgeous hair, you're going to want a long life!"  I cracked up.  I just spent the night on a plane!

So, in the process of wandering the streets of Athens with bed head, I just walked past an internet cafe - so here I am.  There are dogs everywhere (not strays, people's pets with collars - just roaming the ancient ruins willy nilly).  Got a picture of tortoises humping at the Roman forum.  Walked my feet off (already!)  And am now on autopilot.  Where's the gelato?