Monday, October 25, 2010

Lining up in Luxor

The Mandatory Alabaster Factory Visit
Luxor is alot like Disneyland. You see nothing but herds of tourists interspersed with the occasional Egyptian who is inevitably directly connected to the tourism industry. You hear predominantly French, Spanish and English and very little Arabic. So it is in Luxor that I have felt the most "at home", but also the least in Egypt.

I took a tour this morning of the West Bank. Of course, the Valley of the Kings is the highlight. When you get there, you realize exactly why this place is so amazing. Each of these tombs was carved and decorated during the reign of it's occupant. Each tomb is intricate beyond description. And there are dozens of them. It is a true underground labyrinth built beneath a rock formation that is naturally in the shape of a pyramid.

In Hatshepsut's Temple
The Valley of the Kings is exactly like Disneyland in that you wait in line for fifteen minutes to enter the tomb and look at it for a few moments. In this regard, I found myself regretting the fact that tourists actually do line up. I would have much preferred the Egyptian system of throwing elbows. I'm sure I could have taken most of those old ladies and little kids.


  1. I'm more than a little sorry the blog is coming to an end soon. It's been great! I'm kind of hoping something leads Katrina to Morocco...

  2. I'm pretty sure something will lead Kris to Morocco one day. Wanna join?