Thursday, October 21, 2010


Cairo Train Station
I'm in Alexandria!  It's beautiful here and SOOOOOOO cool relative to Cairo!  Which gives me a bit of a warning as to how hot it will be in Awsan, which is about five times as far from Cairo in the opposite direction!  I have a lovely ocean view room at the Hotel Cecil Sofitel Alexandria, which advertised free wi-fi but now doesn't have it - I'm currently at their internet cafe having paid 45 pounds for 1/2 I'll make this brief.

The Cairo train station is a construction zone.  I don't mean that there is construction taking place and that some parts are closed or off limits for this.  I mean, the whole plce is in shambles, yet, business as usual seems to be going on.  You literally have to step over construction rubble to get where you are headed within the station.  But my train made it here on time.
More of the Cairo Train Station

I stepped off the train at the wrong station; evidently there are two in Alexandria, and I always say, if I have a 50/50 chance I get it wrong 80% of the time.  But aside from having to step under the train (yes, you read that right) I got on the next one which only took about fifteen minutes.

Headed off to the Greco-Roman museum - later, when I have time, I will post my review of the prayer and the smog in Cairo.

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