Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sara's review of Kris' blog

Pompey's Pillar

I finally got a chance to read the rest of your entries, starting with the colon catastrophe all the way through your departure from Alexandria.

1. Love the Extreme concierge for all you special people! It's amazing what $5 will get you in Egypt.
2. Love the street vendor selling over-priced water to the Spaniards, but discount water to you.
3. Love the elevator conversation about your blue eyes. You probably scared the crap out of them.
4. I want to see Pompeii's Pillar - way cool!
5. Catacombs are my favorite! And I've never been in any!
6. Yippee for Egyptian elixirs of life!
7. Ha-ha with regards to the Cairo train station construction. That's hilarious!
8. What do you mean you, "Walked under the train"????
9. I can't wait to see how you torture Katrina at the Castle in Alexandria.
10. Did you buy anything in the souk for yourself?

One comment for you - "Nice".

Keep it coming. I love traveling to Egypt vicariously!
Best - Sara
Fort Qaitbey Castle, Alexandria

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