Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Egyptian pharmacology: the elixers of the gods

Egyptian Wonder Pills
Have you ever taken a stomach remedy and felt better almost immediately?  Because I haven't.  In my
experience, when one has a stomach bug, one cannot even keep medicine down long enough to absorb it.  So it becomes a game of trying to keep the medicine down, failing, and thus simply passing the time until the illness just takes its natural course.  And then you are stuck taking an antibiotic regimen you have already started.

Not in Egypt!

Those of you who have read the first half of Vesuvius will instantly recognize life imitating art, because I'll be damned if that Egyptian wonder-pill didn't clear up my symptoms immediately.  Within an hour, I felt essentially fine, but I had pretty bad insomnia (a highly welcome trade-off) and got a ton of writing done for the book.

So I slept late today and am taking it easy.  To be honest, I might sleep some more.  Good night!

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