Welcome to the adventures of Kris and Katrina

The Author in Hijab at Luxor Temple
In historical thriller The Vesuvius Isotope, protagonist Katrina Stone travels through Egypt on a quest for an ancient medicine that can save thousands of lives. This is the travel blog of my own journey through Egypt as I was researching to write the novel.

My family was a bit nervous about my embarking upon this adventure in the name of research, having heard horror stories involving Western women traveling solo through Egypt. The irony that my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) happens to be a native Arabic speaker from the West Bank of Palestine did not escape my attention. But I insisted upon going alone anyway, as Katrina would be forced in her travels to do the same. And it was awesome! Don't listen to the nay-sayers.

Please feel free to scroll through the pages to the left of this blog to follow the journey that brought us The Vesuvius Isotope. You will find many references to the lack of photos, as I had constant issues uploading them from Egypt (my fault, not Egypt's.) However, I'm pleased to say that there are now many photos which I have added retroactively from the comfort of my Mac in San Diego.

You may purchase The Vesuvius Isotope by clicking the book cover on the left of this page. Please also visit my website at www.kristenelisephd.com.

Kristen Elise